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Famouse Model

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Located in London
Age: 29
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 53 kg
Hair: Brown long
Eyes: Green
Cup: 75C
Nationality: Romanian
Languages: ENG – RO – SP
Services: Full service; no A-level



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1 600 EUR
2 1000 EUR
3 on request
4 on request
8 2400 EUR
Overnight on request

[symple_testimonial by=”Double U” fade_in=”false”]I like TASTEy food and would share my soul, W ur TASTE by tasting me double, not only U know what company is about… TASTE me Double and i will guid U in the MATTER of TAST…… TASTE me, I taste U;  the sound of the ocean, nature, peace, passion, soothing TASTfull music to relax U double and energizing for parties with TASTE, animals, the TASTE of chocolate, walks on the beach, snowy winters, dignity, cinema, mental challenges, charismatic men, philosophy, sunsets, light hearted people, jokes and laughing with a good company, jet-skiing which MATTERS, do you know the TASTE of freedom and any part of the art with a meaning of what MATTERS? I like exploring new TASTEfull countries, MATTERfull places and people, learning about the things i discover and returning to places i have liked.![/symple_testimonial]
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Monday – Sunday, 12 PM – 2 AM

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Phone: +31-6-499 533 91

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Email: info@taste-escort.com


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