Abu Dhabi Luxury Companion service

By Renee Montoya

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Abu Dhabi, my experiences as a Dubai luxury companion, by Renee Montoya

My experience as a Dubai luxury companion brought me to Abu Dhabi. In contrast of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is more luxurious and peaceful with much more green spaces. Of course, Dubai is much bigger commercially and touristically, it has more entertainment options like nightlife, restaurants and plenty of budge options. Being in Abu Dhabi for me was definitely the best luxury experience. A driver came to pick me up from Armani Hotel in Dubai after breakfast. One hour and a half later I was in Abu Dhabi. This is what I love about my job; to see new places, enjoy 5-star hotels and meet many affluent people.

Abu Dhabi is the jewel of the emirates where history and local culture meet the 21t century.

My client was a young and ambitious man, he arrived an hour late then planned. I was preparing in my room and took advantage of this extra time to read about places in Abu Dhabi. I wanted to be well prepared, so if he would asked me if I knew some places I would be able to tell him the places I would like to visit.

The day before, I went to Dubai Mall to buy a Burka as this was what my client had requested to my agency, Taste Matters. What I love most about my job is shopping and buying clothes and accessories. As a luxury companion, dress and presentation is important. This particular client wanted me to be dressed respecting the local traditions in Abu Dhabi.

That day we went to relax, we used the hotel’s spa. Spa is one of the other things that my job allows me to enjoy. After this enjoyable time we left to the room where we made ourselves comfortable, he did not drink alcohol. However, he offered me a glass of exquisite champagne. While we were waiting for the drink inside his suite, we connect music to relax the atmosphere. I was very excited, and so was he. He told me to remove my dress so that’s what I did. Underneath my burka, I was wearing my Agent Provocateur lingerie. Ready for action. The first thing I did was give him a massage. While he still had his suit on, I invited him to relax. As Dubai luxury companion, you always have to be in control and drive your guest true an amazing adventure. While he was getting settled, room service knocks on the door with champagne.

I invited him to settle in while I went to the bathroom to pick up the Dior oil that I always bring with me. I started by massaging his back while we talked. Little by little we were connecting. To the point that he was so excited that he ended up ejaculating…with a relaxed tone of voice he said “I’m sorry, I came very quickly” with a smile on my face I responded with the words, “don’t worry”. As a high class companion its not only about having sex, it’s about the total experience, it’s about building up a certain tension, taking over the fear and desires of the person in front of you.

Later that night, we decided to go to a well-known restaurant called Aquarium in Abu Dhabi, excellent for its sea food and sushi, where we also had some shish-a. As a Dubai luxury Companion you get to enjoy going to dinner at restaurants and savouring delicious dishes.

The next day, after having a wonderful night, we went to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Abu Dhabi where we contemplate the great architecture and design of the place. After the mosque we went shopping. I took him to my favorite store Bottega Veneta where he bought me 2 bags.

My last day in Abu Dhabi, with this amazing client, we woke up early to go to Ferrari World museum where my tour finished to return back to Dubi. Definitely, Abu Dhabi was a wonderful and luxury experience.

As a high class escort companion it’s all about giving the most exquisite luxury experience which, I of course, enjoy to do! When I am Renee Montoya my client is the only one I care about in the world.