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Our sexy elite escort ladies can tell you Antwerp is a real urban deal, a refreshingly sexy, high class jet down-to-earth but also a vivacious cosmopolitan habitat blessed with magnificent architecture, fashionable shop fronts, beer-washed pubs, dazzling monuments, jazzed-up clubs where you and your high class escort can have a time you won’t forget, inspired artworks and romantic restaurant tables piled with plates of superb Belgian and multicultural food . Antwerp, home of the Flemish Baroque master Rubens, not only has a wealth of outstanding museums to view with your exclusive escort, picturesque galleries, sculpted streets and beautiful architecture, but is also laced with refreshing greenery and urban haunts. Its culture, history, vibrant nightlife and world class shopping are within easy reach, thanks to excellent access by air, train, motorway and sea. Antwerp, a pocket-size metropolis for you and your exclusive escort to discover.
Women of Antwerp are Beautiful and Diverse

Belgium represents a melding of different European cultures, as the once predominantly Flemish and Walloon population has transformed into a mosaic of different ethnicities, much like other Western European nations have. For romantic prospects, it means gentleman typically have a diverse selection of women in Belgium; of all different skin tones, hair colours, and certainly different cultural backgrounds. If a man desires, he can acquire the services of a humble, young Congolese female, or, the opposite effect with a Russian escort and her elevated self-confidence. All Antwerpen escorts are confident in their abilities, and if you have a stop scheduled in Belgium, why not check out their extraordinary services, which are heralded within certain circles across Europe and beyond.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in Belgium, one man’s afterthought is another man’s prized beauty. Even Asian escorts are known to operate in Antwerp, which surprises some clients and in pleasant fashion much of the time. The majority of Belgian women however are tall, blonde, Germanic women with big, traffic light eyes; and this doesn’t pose any issue with clientele since they are in the steepest demand. This isn’t to say though that Antwerpen escorts are saturated with blondes, as a gentleman just as easily has the services of dark-skinned women at his disposal here. The only saturation with Antwerpen escorts is with the women themselves, as the sheer volume of them are high in the country, but this only results in more competition, meaning better prices and superior service.

France is popularized around the world as the epicentre of romance, as it’s etched in the history of the nation. Its escorts however command a high asking price, as tourist traffic is Paris is markedly higher, even than that of all of Belgium. Belgium though, has much of its influence from French culture, only their accommodations aren’t as expensive, and neither are escort Antwerp women. But the women will show hospitality to a man just the same, to the extent where he might feel like he’s part of a Victor Hugo romance story. Furthermore, Belgian escorts are known to be happier with their occupations, as return client rates are higher, true companionship is more common, and sentimentality is more of a factor. Paris women are marred in their work by a highly transient client base.

Simply put, Belgium escorts offer the best of multiple worlds, since they draw influence from several cultures, but all the while are renowned for their humble, hospitable ways. A prospect to European escorts would do well to plan his vacation in Belgium, and with Antwerpen escorts, since the region in itself is worth the price of admission. Contact Taste-Escort.com now for a meeting with the elite escort of your choice.