A real life High Class Escort Companion Experience

By Renee Montoya

Filed in Escorts | Posted by admin on June 28, 2021

Being a High Class Escort Companion is not only all about sex…. Read a truth real life story about being a Luxury Companion, by Renee Montoya. To those who do not know my story…..

Just only a few years ago I was a famous model in my home country, South America. Fast forward I became a Journalist with a specialization in Marketing. I have always been fascinated by money and fame, but of course the lifestyle is hard to compete up to…..

Last year I traveled to Monaco with my very best friend, thanks to him god bless as he has so many very rich and famous friends,  we met Vivienne Dutchess who was at that same time there organizing tis amazing F1 event. At that point I didn’t actually realize she was a very famous high class madam who was arranging all companions at that certain event. I managed to get alle my nerves together and i approached her……  She was the one to introduce meto a world i would never thought that excusably exists……

If anyone thinks that my profession as a high class escort companion is all about sex.. you are wrong ! The only way how to be a successful escort companion is to connect to your company.

This job is never about having only sex in the first place. It’s about the total experience, it’s about building up a certain tension, taking over the fear and desires of the person in front of you .

Let me tell you a story about one of my on the job experiences :

In my trip to Dubai, I made a quick stop in Dar Es Salaam the largest and richest city of Africa. Here I spent my night in a five-star hotel, close to the port. I went went out to expensive restaurants in the area of Masaki and Oyster Bay. This is where i met this very sophisticated and rich gent who interred me from the start…. A normal business man who in the end just only pay me extremely well you for just a massage and a conversation. At the same time I told vivienne about my stay over and she managed to arrange another client paying for my hotel and transport all over Dar es Salaam. I found out sometimes the client can pay for the hotel and all travel expenses and see you one time to talk and the next time for a massage. You will just never know if you don’t step in to this world of the unknown.

Being a high class companion is not set a part for just anyone. You need be very strong and punctually and know where u are getting your self in to. Its not like a normal job you and sit back and relax and see the money come in. There is always a certain risk involved. Your agent can stand up for you till a certain point, when the door closes behind you, you are on your own. This is why you make a good amount of money. It takes 2 to tango: you and your agent should be like twins, always updating each other as if you were speaking to a 3 years old.

When I put on my stockings and suspenders I become Renee Montoya, then it’s show time. For me, creating a sexy and relaxed perfect ambience is all about finding the ultimate connection.

Communication is the ultimate way to start, from the minute my guest walks in I know the kind of person I’m dealing with….. Before we end up to bed we have a nice conversation, I ask about the day or actually anything i filmy guest wants to speak about. As a high class companion you also need to feel instantly when a person doesn’t want to speak at all but just wants to relax. You trick is to build up the ambiance because this in the end makes or breaks the whole experience….

As a high class escort companion it’s all about giving the most exquisite luxury experience which I, of course, enjoy too. ;). When I am Renee Montaya my client is the only one i care about in the world!

I love Renee Montoya. She came into my life at an unexpected but perfect moment, thank you Vivienne ✨