About Gypse

Hello! I’m Gypse, a Blond VIP Escort located in London. I’m a sportive lady who loves to spend her free time in the Gym. I owe my beautiful body to my daily workout in my favourite gym in London. With my skinny tall body, I am a real eye-catcher when I do my hard, daily workout.

As a Blond VIP Escort, I need to take care of more than only my body doing a workout. I spend a lot of time in the best VIP beauty salons in London. I take great care of my hair, nails and health.

At night, I like to go out to fancy restaurants or dance the night away in a beautiful VIP club in London. I love good food, especially fine dining. As a VIP Escort, I like to take great care of what I eat to be in perfect shape when I meet my High-Class clients.

With my long blond hair and endless legs, people tell me I’m a real eye-catcher, not only in the gym. When I walk the streets of London, I attract a lot of people with my long, blond dancing hair. I often get compliments from random people who ask me about my hairdresser.

Being a Blond VIP Escort means you also have to behave with style and class. I am a sophisticated lady from Russia where I learned my basic manners well. However, I learned my exclusive VIP manners from all the VIP Escort meetings I was able to enjoy with VIP gents from all over the world.

London has offered me a lot of pleasure during my stay. I love taking long walks through the streets of London and enjoy what I see. I can look at all the beautiful buildings for hours. Moreover, not only do I enjoy London’s architecture, but I also enjoy walking the suburbs and realise what a great VIP life I have as a Blond Escort in London.

In my home country of Russia, I was a professional model. However, I didn’t enjoy the long days in the boring studios, so when I discovered my new passion to become a VIP Escort, I packed my bags and left Moscow to start a new adventure in London!

I am frequently informed by Taste Matters elite escort agency management that they are delighted by my joining this high-class London escorts team. As a Taste Matters companion, I enjoy almost every encounter with the extremely nice clients Vivienne introduces me to. I am a tall and classy lady who loves to go out and dance the night away!

“Always think twice”

Lots of Love, your Blond VIP Escort Gypse x!


Age: 25
Location: London, UK
Height: 174cm / Weight: 54 kg
Eyes: Blue / Hair: Blond
Availability: Local & International
Nationality: Russian
Languages: English/ Russian/ French


1 hour:  600 GBP
2 hours: 900 GBP
3 hours: 1200 GBP
4 hours: On request
8 hours: On request
Overnight: On request

I can’t wait to meet you!


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