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Juliette has a gun is a wild skinny escort in Ibiza. As an elite escort, my luscious Latin looks are my finest asset. Dark, sultry and sexy, I have a flamboyant and elegant style, derived from my upbringing in my home country of Spain.

Juliette has a gun is a natural brunette with long hair and hazel green eyes. I am always so careful to make sure I am immaculately presented. A deep rooted love for fashion means that I take a lot of pride in my appearance, making me the perfect high class companion in Ibiza.

I love the sunshine, and this is why I choose to spend much of my summer as an Ibiza escort. I divide my time between here and Barcelona, two of my favourite places in the world. The city of Barcelona is a hub of excitement and glamour, with its bustling streets, fabulous beaches and exotic nightlife. I love to explore the cultural side of the city, with its fabulous architecture and deep history. It is important to me as a Taste matters escort to be educated and informative so that I am always able to hold an intelligent conversation.

When I need to escape, I head to Ibiza. The island fulfils my lust for the hedonistic lifestyle which Ibiza is so famous for. Here I can really let my hair down and indulge in the world famous club scene, dancing the night away in some of the best discos in the whole of the world. I love to visit the nudist beaches where anything goes, and feel the warm Ibiza sun on my golden skin. The waters here are perfect for skinny dipping and frolicking in the sea, the turquoise colour is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Juliette has a gun is an exclusive escort in both Barcelona and Ibiza. I am able to use my bilingual skills to entertain my gentleman, as I speak both Spanish and English. I know that these are two places where I can meet the most exclusive of clients, and they will never be disappointed in their experience with me. I can show them everything that these places have to offer and more with my insider knowledge.

Juliette has a gun is the perfect companion. With her sensuous and sexy nature will bring pleasure to everyone.

My patient and kind manner will always put you at ease. So, if you are looking for the perfect high class companion, you have definitely found her, Juliette has a gun is ready and waiting.

“siempre en busca de la felicidad.”

Lots of Love, your Wild Skinny Escort juliette x


Age: 33
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Height: 167cm / Weight: 50kg
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Hazel Blond
Availability: Local & International
Nationality: Spanish
Languages: English / Spanish


1 hour: 500 EUR
2 hours: 900 EUR
3 hours: On request
4 hours: On request
8 hours: On request
Overnight: On request

I can’t wait to meet you!


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