About Rapunzel

This BBM Escort Model lives in Dubai but travels occasionally to ST Petersburg.

Your Passionate Tiger .

Lots of Love, your real BBM Escort Model Rapunzel x!


Age: 25
Location: St Petersburg, Russia
Height: 170cm / Weight: 56kg
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brunette
Availability: Local & International
Nationality: Russian
Languages: English / Russian


1 hour: 500 EUR
2 hours: 900 EUR
3 hours: On request
4 hours: On request
8 hours: On request
Overnight: On request

I can’t wait to meet you!


1 Review for “Rapunzel”

Overall Rating: 5
  • Titty Titty Bang Bang

    Just wanted to thank Rapunzel for a wild night I will never forget……the stunning sight of her pretty face and big tits made my *** leap up to stretch up stretch the fabric of my underwear, and the sound of her sexy voice made my *** start throbbing like crazy…….wave after wave after wave of intense pleasure began rushing through my body as she wrapped her big tits around my pulsating *** and then squirted a generous amount of slippery oil all over her tits and all over my pulsating *** slipping and sliding between her slippery big tits as I began to bang bang titty bang titty bang bang her big tits faster and faster and faster as the sexual tension escalated up soaring towards multiple ejaculations to come………

    By: paulgc34 | 2 years ago